Other Projects We Do

River and Stream Remediation

We provide services for stream and river restoration. Our Erosion and Sediment - Large grade rock products including Rip Rap, Gabion, groins, and Spalls (Boulders) protect coastlines and structures from water erosion.

Fill Sites

We provide services for Cleanfill reinstatement.

Transport/ Bulk Cartage

Extra-large bins are on hire for transporting/ Bulk Cartage.
For more info please contact us on: 0800 885 805

Landfill Remediation

We operate under strict guidelines and have specific management plans, covering all aspects of operation and management of contaminated sites, Hazardous, and Clean sites.

We specialise in Land, Soil Remediation and Landfill Repairs. We provide the following services on:

  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Screening and removing unwanted waste
  • Removing asbestos contamination soil
  • Volume reduction
  • Safe disposal of contaminated waste

Contaminated Soil Removal

  • Asbestos, arsenic and hydrocarbon contaminated soils
  • Excavate soil under controlled conditions
  • Safely transport and dispose of contaminated soil
  • Reinstate the land