Recycled Aggregate

By utilising the latest crushing and screening technology, we produce a range of fit for purpose concrete aggregates. From uniformly graded coarse aggregate through to a variety of suitable aggregates, to meet national concrete aggregate specifications and when required can be tailor-made to customer requirement. Our recycled crushed concrete is excellent, and sub graded in the process. These aggregates can be used as a replacement for driveway and parking lot stone. It is commonly used as a base layer, used in metal roads, roads sub-base. It also can be used as aggregate in new concrete, particularly the coarse portion with some considerations on absorption, drying, shrinkage, and creep.

GAP65 – Recycled Crushed Concrete

By using the latest Crusher and Screening technology, Central Environmental produces high quality graded GAP65 Recycled Crushed Concrete aggregate, that conforms to New Zealand aggregate standard and can be tailored to customer requirements. Periodic IANZ Lab tested aggregates clearly specify the particle density, particle shape, composition and grading, to suit project specifications and customer needs.

GAP20 – Recycled Crushed Concrete

20mm Recycled Crushed Concrete is passed through a 20mm screen and is IANZ Lab tested. GAP20 RCC Aggregate is commonly used for driveways, pathways, as a base course for concrete and paving. Once compacted, it binds very well with the fines.

Crusher Dust

Crusher Dust has excellent shape and strength characteristics, with products that meet national concrete aggregate specifications. When required, we can make tailor-made mixes to suit the specific needs of our clients.


Screened and un-screened, great quality topsoil is available for pick up or delivery.